Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today's Birth

A couple weeks ago we got a homebirth client. She was due the 10th of March, but this was her second baby and had never gone into natural labor before, so we were treating her as a first time mom, in a sense.

Her first birth was a bad experience, so she wanted something different.

This time, she was seeing the doctor that delivered her first baby. At 36 weeks, she decided she hated what was happening and how she was treated. Her appointments were five minutes at the most, and she started to find a midwife that could help her onto a natural birth at home.

She find my midwife. A woman that is the most hands off woman I know.

Yesterday, she went into labor.

I started driving down there at about 9 pm and got there at about 10 pm. Mama was in the tub and doing beautifully! She would moan and breathe through contractions, and then smile as they were ending. She was incredible!

At about one, she hit a lull. Her contractions had been on top of each other, so we knew this was the calm before the storm. The midwife and I went downstairs and crashed on the couches for an hour and when we woke up she was still in a lull. Her contractions were still coming, but there was a lot more rest inbetween them.

At about 2:30 am, it picked right back up. At 2:40 we heard some grunting, and at 2:45, she was pushing out of the water in the squatting position.

On her second push, her water broke all over the bathroom, and a few seconds later her baby had crowned and the head had been born. At 3 am, a beautiful baby girl joined the world.

She barely bled. Even after she delivered the placenta, she barely bled. Maybe about double a normal period. That is it. It was wonderful!

The most amazing part to this birth for me was that mama was up and about at the end of her labor. She never had a problem getting into a position that helped her labor. She instinctively knew what to do.

After, she just smiled for hours. She kept saying over and over that “I did it”. She had never experienced her body going into labor and knowing what to do. She had finally experienced that her body truly does know what it is doing and you can have a baby without taking herbs and medications.

Her birth was absolutely beautiful! I am still in awe thinking about it.


  1. This one made me cry. It's nice to hear women having their birth isn't it?

  2. that is a really beautiful story! is it true she was due the 10th of march though and just went into labor yesterday? :D

  3. Oh, no!! She had the baby a few days before her due date :), I just transfered this over from my other blog today.

  4. Awww that's sweet "I did it"